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"Become StrongerThan you thought was possible"





Meet Coach Chad

My goal is simple: to help you transform, not just your body, but your whole life.

Tired of one-size-fits-all fitness plans? At StrongerThan, we embrace a holistic, evidence-based approach tailored to your unique life dimensions—physical, mental, and social. I focus entirely on crafting personalized programs that reflect your goals and the realities of your everyday life. This isn't just training; it's a transformation centered entirely around you.

Curious to see how we can achieve your best self together?

Kathleen K.

“I own a business and have a team of women... I thought a self defense class would be a good addition to our monthly training classes. Chad was professional, knowledgeable and made the self defense and nutrition class fun!"

Gabriella L.C.

"Chad is a great coach who is knowledgeable about the mind, body, and nutrition. He really cares about his clients and makes himself available outside the gym because he is invested in having you achieve your goals. He is kind and a great motivator without being pushy or judgmental."

Becky K.

“Working with Chad is very fun and challenging and he gives great personal workouts to do (whether you have a gym or not)! He is very encouraging and the hour of training is well worth your time!”

Vanessa L.

"Chad was the first trainer who I felt comfortable with. I had previous trainers who I didn’t feel truly cared about my progress and only wanted to collect their money. Chad was super attentive & not only taught me about fitness but also mindset..."

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